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Stop Stressing 


Align with Time

Interactive, Experiential Workshop

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Photo by Sienna Turecamo

"It gave me hope for myself that I could accomplish something that I thought was out of reach."

- Gretchen Horst, Psychotherapist, NASW

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“Succinctly provoking, supportively direct, and brilliantly crafted in her approach.”

 - Melissa Young, Department of Homeland Security

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Sample Entry

"We live by an invisible sun within us."

~ Thomas Browne ~

It's ok to be who we are. It's ok to love what we love and to laugh at the things that strike us as funny, and to cry at whatever moves us to tears. It's ok to be a little pudgy, or skinny, or muscular, or lanky. It's ok to have any and every combination of imperfect body parts. It's ok to need time alone, to want to be with people, to take naps, eat desserts, or be a vegetarian. Authentic living does not apologize for itself.

If we squash ourselves to fit some mold, or live according to specific cultural ideals or expectations, we will suffer for it. We are meant to be true to ourselves, and to contribute to the world what we alone can contribute- our unique combination of life and heart and body and soul. We are love in action when we are who we are. When we are ourselves, the joy of self-expression radiates off of us like sun rays, and we light the path we travel and illuminate the people we touch.

I do not apologize for being who I am.

I glory in self-expression.

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Master The Art of Good Habits
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Excerpt from "Presence"

"Doing and being need not be separate. They can both happen simultaneously. Learning to be present for every moment of our lives is a conscious skill, a form of art, a habit we can develop, and one that will change everything for the better in our lives."

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Why Nathalie?

Because "teaching is not an engineering problem. It isn't a question of transferring a certain quantity of information from one brain to another. 'Educate' means 'lead forth.' A teacher's job is to lead forth the powers that lie asleep within her students. A teacher awakens; a teacher inspires." (from The Miseducation of the American Elite by William Derediewicz) And that's what Nathalie can do for you, awaken you to presence, to fulfillment, to engaged productivity, effective communication, and peace of mind.

Photo by Sienna Turecamo
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What's her background?

Nathalie has lived in ten states and traveled a fair bit of the world, she recognizes and appreciates the beauty, the resilience, the fragility, and the commonality of human beings, no matter where they live, and brings this appreciation to her art. She has been married, been divorced, raised children, started businesses, been affluent, been bankrupt, and experienced the full range of love and fear.

She has over eighteen years experience in the health and fitness industry working one-on-one with individuals, and also teaching groups. She has two published books, an award winning blog, and a gift for empowering others to empower themselves.

"The participants in her programs feel her authenticity, leave with practical skills, and rave about new ways of viewing everyday challenges." (Karen Snyder, President, Concordia Consulting)

Nathalie lives on a 200 acre farm in Lexington, Virginia, with her husband, Gruff, her German Shepherd, Boss, a flock of chickens, and a small herd of cows.

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